How much can I borrow for a house?

One of the big questions when facing a home purchase is: How much can I buy housing for and by extension, how much can I borrow for housing? How much you can borrow for a home depends on your income, savings, and debt.

However, as a first-time buyer, wages are not always the highest and savings are not the greatest, so how do you succeed in getting the necessary loans for the right home?

Experts: How to get your home loan approved

Experts: How to get your home loan approved

Just like this, we at Good Finance have sat down to investigate. Here we give you the answer to one of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to home buying – namely: what can I borrow for a house? We have asked five housing market experts to give their best tips on how to, as a first-time buyer, increase the chances of mortgage lenders and get the loan for the dream home.

The post gives an insight into the rules of a mortgage and mortgage loan as well as the experts’ best advice to increase the first-time buyer’s chance of getting a loan from the mortgage lenders. In addition, the post contains an interactive map where you can see how much income you need to be able to buy an average villa in each municipality.

Below you can see what this blog post contains:

  • How much can I borrow for a house?
  • How much can I buy a house for?
  • Interactive Map: This is the income requirement in your municipality
  • The best advice from the experts for the first time buyer
  • The best advice from the experts for your finances
  • The experts’ best advice for the home
  • How does a home loan work?
  • The experts asked

How much can I borrow for a house?


You can borrow 3.5 times your household’s annual income when you have to buy a house, according to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority. How much you can exactly borrow for your home purchase depends on your finances and in addition to the specific home you want to buy. The answer to how much I can borrow for housing is therefore not the same for everyone who wants to buy a home.

If you and your partner earn, for example, USD 700,000 a year, you can borrow 3.5 times this amount. The answer to what can I borrow for housing, in this case, would be that you can borrow 2.45 million. USD for your home purchase.

Therefore, what you can borrow to buy a house depends largely on your income and, not least, your disposable income – ie what you have left after fixed expenses.

Homebuyers are always credited based on their ability to service a fixed-rate loan with installments. The size of the loan voucher will, therefore, depend on how much the buyer has left when all the fixed expenses have been paid.

Rule of thumb: How much can I buy a house for?

Rule of thumb: How much can I buy a house for?

You can buy housing for 3.5 times your household’s annual income. Are you two, who together earn 1 million. USD., you can buy property for $ 3.5 million. USD. However, this answer is given on the basis that you have no debt or savings.

Then you might be thinking: what can I buy a home for if I have a savings and/or debt? You can answer this in the table below, which assumes that you have both savings, but also a little debt.

Price example: What can I buy a home for?

In the above example, it is assumed that you and your partner have a total income of USD 700,000 a year before tax. In addition, you have a residual debt of a car loan of USD 50,000 and in connection with having to move into a house, you have sold your condominium and earned USD 500,000 From this you will be able to buy a house for USD 2.9 million. USD.

What does it cost to borrow a house?

What you end up having to pay for your loan will depend on the interest rate, the size and maturity of the loan, as well as borrowing costs and fees. If you know these terms, you can use our loan calculator to make a calculation. how much to put aside for a mortgage or home loan.

With the loan calculator you get the full overview of your loan and a repayment plan. You can therefore use it both to prepare a loan settlement budget or to see how much you can afford to borrow and at the same time be able to repay.

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