Mini loan 500 USD without Credit Bureau

A credit without a Credit Bureau query is not possible with any provider in Germany. The unemployed can apply for a small loan of 500 dollars. In Germany there are no loans without a Credit Bureau query or more precisely without a query from a credit agency. In some cases, in addition to a credit report, a second report is obtained from another credit agency, such as Creditreform. Mini loans are types of credit with a loan amount of between 60 and 500 dollars and a term of usually about 1 to 2 months.

Small capital from 1000 dollars is generally applicable.

Small capital from 1000 dollars is generally applicable.

A small loan of 1000 dollars gives the credit institutions the opportunity to underpin even very small financing projects with installment loans. Most direct banking institutions that offer part of the microcredit from 1000 dollars have a partial credit in their loan. In many branches, however, installment loans are often only possible from a loan amount of at least 2,500 dollars.

But there are also institutions that are sufficient for a small loan from 500 dollars. As a borrower, you can use your microloan to make unrestricted payments from 1,000 dollars. Since most banks have set certain minimum rates, the maximum term for small loans of 500 or 1000 dollars is rarely more than a year or two.

If, as a potential creditor, you have difficulty obtaining a credit due to negative credit registrations, you should not be put off. the reason is that you are not opting for a credit. The installment credit over 1000 dollars is usually also possible without Credit Bureau. With such a credit-free letter of credit, you should not address the many credit institutions in Germany where perfect creation information is essential for a successful loan promise, but rather a specialist loan broker such as Fine Bank.

Fine Bank GmbH has the option for you to raise a small amount of 500 dollars or more.

Agree Bank: 500 dollars interest-free mini loan

Agree Bank: 500 dollars interest-free mini loan

At first glance, this credit campaign sounds very appealing: 500 dollars mini loan for 0.0 percentage points for all new customers without any ifs and buts! After all, both Checker24 and SMAVA caused such a sensation in the vastness of the media world and certainly won over a considerable number of buyers for this, but dreamy, offer.

After all, 1000 were offered here without interest. Now follows Agree Bank with a smaller, but no less interesting, interest-free letter of credit! If so, if the word “if” were not, because this offer of loans literally calls for a second look. And we did that. Finally, in our last report on Agree Bank, we came across a few aspects that we believe are less consumer-friendly.

Unfortunately, this is also the case this time, because the interest-free short-term loan has a small, albeit serious, catch: The interest-free mini loan is tied to an extremely cost-intensive variant, the Agree Bank service. In a nutshell, this means that only those who agree to the Agree Bank service can also enjoy the freedom of interest. But if you take a closer look at the prices for this service, which are based on the sum of the mini-credit you have taken out, you will probably feel exactly like us: “expensive” – ​​and this is pronounced “lightly” in our ears!

To illustrate the Agree Bank service in commercial key figures – “pulled” directly from the Agree Bank website: “Choose the Agree Bank service and you will receive the money within 24 hours, otherwise the processing can take up to 15 working days. With a 50 loan you would pay USD 22.50 for the Agree BankService, with a loan amount of 100-299? 45 USD for a 300-600? Loan amount 99 USD.

“To make it clear again: Only those who use the Agree Bank service with a maximum of 99 !! has the right to an interest-free mini credit of up to 500?! Dear Agree Bank employees and our open opinion: Where is the benefit for the consumer if you pay a handsome 99 for an Agree Bank transfer for a maximum interest saving of 4.26 with a credit balance of 500 dollars?

We may also misunderstand this offer, but we believe that this current credit suit is a SHOT in the OVENS! Even with the changes in the business model on the part of Agree Bank already criticized in our weblog, our image of the credit offer has not really improved!

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