Your application is always checked in advance at the BKR (Credit Registration Office, located in Tiel) or the German organization SHUFA. As you probably know, all data of people with a consumer credit or a mortgage are centrally known to these authorities. Number and amount of the amounts, your repayment behavior, and so on. This is to protect yourself and the financial service provider, because nobody benefits from you borrowing more than you can reasonably pay off.

Information system

The central credit information systems contain all money loans in the Netherlands and Germany. It concerns all loans, not just the problem cases. Incidentally, approximately 95% of all loans are correctly repaid. The system stores the data for up to 5 years after repayment.

The lender decides

BKR / SCHUFA registers and informs neutrally, does not itself make any judgment about your credit application. It is at all times the lender who makes the assessment whether a loan is responsible. This also concerns data regarding income that are not known to BKR / SCHUFA. Think of housing costs, energy costs and family situation.

For more information about BKR / SCHUFA, click on the link to their website.

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