I already have a loan from another company, can I refinance my loan?
No problem, because GenLab has a free transfer service . If you now have a loan from a bank, through a credit card or from a mail order company, then you are very likely paying too much interest and that is a shame! GenLab can reduce these costs. Calculate your potential savings here !
What are the benefits of refinancing a loan?
The advantages are: overview, lower monthly costs, often in combination with better conditions and / or a shorter term of the loan. Enter your details here so that we can make you a better proposal.
Can I switch my loan to a loan with a lower interest rate?
Probably. As an independent intermediary we do business with many different lenders and we are able to get the sharp interest rate and the best conditions from the market. Enter your details here so that we can calculate your savings.
Is a deferred payment arrangement with a mail order company also a credit?
Yes, this is an expensive form of borrowing. In many cases you even pay more than 18% interest per year. We can convert this for you to another loan form where you pay considerably less interest. Enter your details here so that we can see how much you can save.
What is the maximum I can borrow?
Of course you want to know how much you can borrow. Click here to get a good indication of your maximum loan amount.
How quickly can I apply for a loan from KAB?
At GenLab you can request your quote directly via the internet without any obligation. If you fill in all the details correctly, you will receive an answer regarding your request in your mailbox within a few minutes. In most cases this is the quotation, it may also be that we have some additional questions before a quotation can be submitted.
When can I dispose of the money?
That depends on you. You will receive the quotation from us in your mailbox within a few minutes. If you can send us the necessary documents quickly, we will ensure that the money is in your account as soon as possible. If desired, we can have the money transferred to you by telephone transfer.
Can I determine my term myself?
Yes, with a GenLab Revolving Credit you can influence the duration of the term because you can withdraw and redeem at any time free of charge.
Why am I being tested at the BKR?
Loans taken out are registered by credit and mortgage providers at the Credit Registration Office in Tiel (BKR). Arrears are also passed on. Before a financial institution provides a new loan, it checks with the BKR whether the customer already has a loan and how the customer's payment behavior is / was. In this way, a lender can properly estimate the loan history and payment behavior.
Can I take out a loan if I have a negative registration with the BKR?
In principle, you cannot take out a new loan with a negative registration with the BKR. Only in the event that the loan for which the negative registration applied was fully repaid at least three years ago, there are sometimes possibilities.
I do have an employment contract, but not a permanent contract. Can I borrow?
If you are not (yet) permanently employed, there are certainly options. In principle, you must meet the following conditions:
18 years or older.
No negative registration with the BKR.
Do I have to have equity if I want to borrow money for a renovation?
No that is not necessary. If you have a house to buy, you can take out a loan, provided you still have borrowing space. Any equity on your home is just an extra security, allowing you to borrow more money or borrow at a lower interest rate.
When is the interest tax deductible?
When you spend the money from a second mortgage on improving your own home, the interest is tax deductible! Inquire with the tax authorities for details or surf to www.belastingdienst.nl .

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