Your possessions, health and assets are valuable to you. It is therefore a pleasant feeling if you are properly insured. You can take out almost all types of insurance via GenLab. From insurance for yourself, such as health insurance and funeral insurance, to insuring your property, such as home insurance and car insurance. GenLab works together with more than 15 different insurance companies so that you always get the most advantageous premium!

Do you own a car? Then liability insurance is required by law. But is this really enough for you?
There are about 120 different car insurance policies with different coverages: third-party, third-party + limited hull and third-party + full hull. In addition, many extra additions are possible, such as accident insurance for passengers or road assistance insurance. GenLab is happy to give you advice based on your wishes and requirements.

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Liability insurance

Do you or someone in your family accidentally damage someone else's property? Or is someone accidentally injured by one of you? A claim can be high. It is nice that you have taken out liability insurance. This is because you cover exactly these types of risks.

Health insurance

It is mandatory in the Netherlands to take out health insurance. This insurance reimburses the costs of, for example, medical treatment. Everyone has different needs and wishes in the field of care. Therefore, the cheapest insurance is not always the best for your situation. GenLab is happy to help you choose an appropriate health insurance policy. Contact us using the form below, or click here to make a calculation yourself!

Legal counsel

Assured of professional legal assistance. Many people get involved in a conflict at some point. Think of a dispute with your employer, with the government or with your neighbors or landlord. With legal assistance insurance you can be sure that you will receive good legal assistance in these types of situations. You can choose from different areas of coverage so that you do not have to insure yourself against risks that you do not run, such as motor vehicle cover while you do not have a car. This way you can put together a cover package that suits you.

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Home and contents insurance

Your home and contents are worth a lot of money. Probably even more than you think. It is therefore nice to know that you have taken out the right home insurance policies in the event that there is damage to or in your home. Our advisors help you determine the correct values ​​and a suitable coverage for you! Often we can even give you a guarantee against underinsurance!
GenLab is ready to answer all your questions.

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What insurance do I need for my company?

Of course you are not an entrepreneur for nothing. You have chosen to be boss and make your own decisions. This involves certain risks.
But there are also risks that an entrepreneur does not always think about or for which an entrepreneur wants to insure himself. GenLab is happy to talk to you about all the risks together with you.
GenLab's consultants are specialized in all kinds of business risks, whether it concerns your company stock or your health and income, we are happy to help you. Contact us quickly.

Funeral insurance

Funeral insurance is not the best insurance to arrange. Many people prefer to think about the beautiful things in life. If you should die, however, it gives you a good feeling for yourself and your next of kin that the financial side is in any case arranged.

Depending on your preference, you can opt for a funeral insurance policy that pays out an amount of money immediately after death. This allows your surviving relatives to arrange a personal funeral for you that suits you. You can also opt for a funeral insurance in kind. The insurer will arrange the funeral in consultation with your next of kin.

Take the financial worries off your next of kin and request more information without obligation!

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