Self-Employed Credit

The purchase or renovation of business premises, the hiring and training of personnel or the purchase of new hardware. Capital is needed for all these things. Many entrepreneurs use borrowed money to provide this capital.

Self-Employed Credit

As an independent entrepreneur, do you need money in private for, for example, a car, camper, renovation or a holiday? Then a Self-Employed Credit might be something for you!

Many independent entrepreneurs have difficulty in taking out a loan for private purposes. We offer a unique product especially for independent entrepreneurs who want to borrow money without the bank requiring collateral.

How does the Self-Employed Credit work?

Depending on the spending purpose, there are two variants:

  • The Fixed Self-Employed Credit
  • Flexible Self-Employed Credit.

The Fixed Self-Employed Credit gives you certainty in advance. It has a fixed interest rate and term. So you know exactly where you stand.

The Flexible Self-Employed Credit is a form of loan where you can withdraw up to a predetermined amount, possibly keep an amount in deposit and repay it without penalty. You only pay interest on the amount withdrawn. The interest is variable. Acceptance takes place on the basis of annual figures.

If you, as a DGA, are employed by your Ltd, then the last three payslips may be sufficient with a recent crediting salary. Have a quote made without obligation and call 401-301-4365.


  • You determine the duration yourself
  • No collateral
  • Borrowing for private purposes
  • Customization


There are various forms of lease, such as Financial Lease or Operational Lease. They are smart ways to finance your new or used car. You keep the investment outside of your normal business activities, so you can continue to use your liquidity for your business.
Thanks to our leasing expertise, you can continue to focus fully on your business activities. We ensure that you are on the road comfortably and cheaply. Without any administrative hassle - we take that off your hands - you can drive or run your business without any worries.


Do you also have clients who pay their invoices (too) late? They cost you a lot of time and money as an entrepreneur. You can have your sales invoices paid out by means of factoring. The factoring company then bears the credit risk and takes care of credit management on every invoice they buy from you. This way you do not have to wait long for your money and you can continue doing what you are good at, doing business.
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