Amazon stops shipping to Russia and suspends Prime streaming service

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  • Amazon has stopped shipping products to Russia and suspended the Prime streaming service in the country.
  • It is one of many companies suspending operations or exiting the Russian market amid the war in Ukraine.
  • Amazon has no facilities in Russia and does not do business with the Russian government.

Amazon has stopped shipping products to Russia and suspended Prime


service in the country.

In a March 8 blog post, Amazon said the moves were due to “the current situation in Russia and Ukraine.” The suspension of navigation also applies to Belarus.

“We have suspended the shipping of retail products to customers based in Russia and Belarus, and we will no longer accept new AWS customers based in Russia and Belarus and Amazon third-party sellers,” the e-commerce giant said. in his message.

Amazon is also no longer accepting orders for New World, the only video game it sold directly in Russia, the company added.

Russia was not a big market for Amazon. It has no facilities in Russia and has a “long-standing policy” of not doing business with the Russian government, the company said.

Amazon joins a long list of companies suspending business operations in Russia as Western-imposed sanctions hit the country following its invasion of Ukraine.

On Tuesday, Amazon announced it was halting new customer registrations in Russia.

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