Balochistan government unveils growth-focused budget of 584.083 billion rupees

The government of Balochistan on Friday unveiled its growth-oriented and business-friendly budget for the next fiscal year 2021-22, with a total expenditure of 584.083 billion rupees.

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – June 18, 2021): The government of Balochistan on Friday unveiled its growth-oriented, business-friendly budget for the next fiscal year 2021-22, with a total expenditure of Rs584.083 billion.

Introducing the third budget, the Minister of Finance, Mir Zahoor Ahmed Buledi, said that the total income for the coming year was estimated at 499.36 billion rupees, from which the budget deficit would be around 84, 7 billion rupees.

The Minister also announced a development budget of Rs 237.221 billion as part of the public sector development program, including Rs 16.661 billion in aid to Foreign Fund (FPA) projects.

He said that under the development budget, Rs 112.545 billion would be spent on around 1,525 ongoing projects, while Rs 76.651 billion was allocated to 2,286 new projects.

He said the expenditure of non-development funds for the next fiscal year 2021-22 would be Rs 346.861 billion.

Zahoor announced the Disparity Reduction Allowance (DRA) of 15 percent of base pay that was granted to all government employees from BPS-1 to BPS-19.

The provincial government issued a 65 percent early pension, taking into account the hardships of retired government employees.

He said health was among the priorities of the provincial government, adding that the government had allocated more than 56.57 billion rupees for the improvement of the health sector. The government has proposed to launch the Balochistan health card with a cost of 5.914 billion rupees to provide up to one million rupees each to around 1.875 million families for their medical treatment.

He also announced many development projects in the health sector, including the establishment of hostels in the Bolan Medical Complex in Quetta, the expansion of the Quetta Children’s Hospital, the establishment of a dental college and other projects.

The minister also announced recruitments from around 5,854 vacant positions in the province.

He said agriculture is the backbone of the provincial economy, so 500 million rupees has been allocated for the upgrade and development of the irrigation system in the province in the coming fiscal year. .

He said the government allocated a regular budget of Rs 11.483 billion to the agricultural sector in the 2021-22 fiscal year.

The minister announced the creation of 100 new schools, for which Rs1500 million have been allocated from the annual budget. He also announced the upgrading, renovation and provision of basic facilities in many schools to promote education across the province.

He said that to ensure food security in the province, the provincial cabinet has given its approval for the purchase of 100,000 tons of wheat.

The government has allocated 163 rupees.

$ 780 million in the budget for the establishment of a modern science food testing laboratory in the province.

Speaking of rural development, he said 140 new development programs would be launched in the coming year with an estimated cost of Rs 3.093 billion.

The minister also announced that the government has increased the subsidy for local councils to Rs 16.803 billion.

The government has allocated 81.582 billion rupees for the dualisation and modernization of the Quetta-Karachi highway.

He also announced an internship program for unemployed graduate engineers.

He said 248.294 million rupees had been earmarked for building a forensic laboratory in the province.

He also announced several other projects related to irrigation, public health engineering, information, mining and minerals, fisheries, energy, and industry and trade.

The minister said for the first time that Balochistan’s tax revenue mobilization strategy was being prepared to put in place tax reforms to help improve revenue collection and reduce spending.

He said efforts would be made to reduce the budget deficit in the coming fiscal year.

The government would announce the Balochistan Employee Housing Fund (Apna Ghar) with an allocation of Rs 2 billion.

The government of Balochistan has also announced a special envelope of 500 million rupees for the welfare of minority communities in the 2021-2022 budget. The government also plans to launch the KUMAK People Support Special Fund with 2 billion rupees in the 2021-2022 fiscal year.

The provincial government would also set up an Economic Empowerment Fund for women at a cost of Rs 500 million, which will provide financial assistance and empower them.

Two billion rupees would be spent in the next fiscal year under the initiative of the Balochistan Awami Endowment Fund to ensure the best health care facilities for the poor who suffered from chronic illnesses.

The government of Balochistan has allocated Rs 1 billion to the Balochistan Pension Fund in the 2021-22 fiscal year budget.

The government of Balochistan attaches great importance to the agricultural sector and one billion rupees has been allocated to the Balochistan Food Security Revolving Fund to ensure an uninterrupted supply of food to the masses.

The provincial government has allocated 2 billion rupees in fiscal year 2021-2022 to provide interest-free loans to small businesses on easy installments.

The government has announced that the Balochistan Enterprise Development Fund will be included in the next budget with an allocation of Rs 2 billion.

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