BFA will acquire a modern scientific laboratory to ensure the supply of hygienic food

ISLAMABAD, July 4 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – July 4, 2021): The Food Authority of Balochistan (BFA) to equip itself with a modern science laboratory costing Rs 163.789 million to verify and monitor the food trade in province and ensure the supply of hygienic food products to the general public.

The current government has fully activated the Balochistan Food Authority, which has made it possible to provide hygienic and quality food products throughout the province, a Balochistan government official told APP on Sunday.

He said the government of Balochistan has already given its approval for the provision of two mobile food analysis laboratories to BFA in Quetta and Khuzdar for food safety and quality control. With the provision of these credible laboratories, the Authority would be able to verify and monitor all packaged and unpackaged food products in addition to the food standards of restaurants in the respective zones, he added.

The official said the Authority would be able to ensure that its standards, procedures and formulated guidelines regarding any aspect of food, including food trade, food labeling and food additives, specify the systems appropriate application.

He said the government planned to approve appropriate food laboratories with methods of sampling, sample analysis and reporting to take specific action to reduce food adulteration across the province. .

The BFA sealed various restaurants in the province for selling substandard and unsanitary food, he said and added that the Authority has also fined food outlets, in addition to sending them notices. Awareness campaigns have also been launched to educate the masses on the effects of poor quality food on human health, he also said and added that raids were carried out in various canteens, hotels, functional bakeries in the region. town after receiving complaints from locals about the sale of substandard food.

“The owners of different restaurants were instructed to improve the hygienic conditions in their outlets in order to ensure the sale of quality food in accordance with BFA standards. Ensuring the availability of quality and safe food in the province is a top priority for the provincial government. No one will be allowed to gamble on people’s lives, ”he noted.

He said BFA has also banned the storage, sale and manufacture of various products, including bulk powdered milk, artificial eggs, gutka, and substandard oil and ghee. Vegetables irrigated with polluted water are also being destroyed in the city, he added.

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