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Never Watched John Carpenter The thing and thought how cool it would be to play as an organism? If so, Carrion is the game for you.

You play as a small organism that escapes from a holding cell. Upon reaching the vents, you find yourself in a huge, sprawling research lab with two objectives: to spread your infection throughout the facility and, of course, to escape. These take place in a traditional Metroidvania style, with interconnected levels that open up more as your abilities increase.

There’s less turning back than usual, a welcome – and necessary – change as the environments blend together easily. The gameplay is decent, never really exceeding the level of service. You can only use certain abilities at certain stages of your evolution, which creates some interesting puzzles as you have to consider what form you take. This multitude of tools ends up making combat trivial, as you tend to feel too strong for anything to be really difficult. All of this is perfectly fine, because the real star is the organism.

A grotesque, throbbing mass of flesh and eyes with no definite form, all you do is smash things and consume helpless and fleeing people. This hunt is the real star, with a ridiculously excessive level of violence. While we mentioned that the combat doesn’t offer much of a challenge, it leaves plenty of room for role-playing as a traditional horror movie creature, and we had a lot more fun adding these self-imposed rules. . Isolating people and suddenly hitting in the shadows is more satisfying than blindly rushing around and spamming the trigger, although the trigger is easier. Careful and careful planning is the mood much better play.

The atmosphere is oppressive, with dark colors, dim lighting, and a deep, menacing rumble permeating the establishment. Even the way you move helps, a disgusting mass of tendrils stretching out in all directions, coating things with blood. And the animations are impeccable: beautiful, horrible, fluid.

While the gameplay and level design is pretty poor, we still think this game is worth checking out. It’s about the atmosphere and the organism itself, both of which are smash hits and on their own are worth the price of admission.

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