Cox Unveils Internet Service That Protects Businesses From Costly Outages

Cox Business today announced the launch of its new Internet continuity service, Cox Business Net Assurance. With this solution, Cox customers will be protected against loss of Internet connection during outages, giving business owners and their employees peace of mind in the event of the unexpected.

Maintaining internet connectivity is essential for successful businesses, regardless of their size. Net Assurance provides high availability connectivity and combats Internet interruptions in two ways. First, if Internet access is lost, both wired and private Wi-Fi connections will automatically switch to an LTE wireless network. And in the event of a power failure, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) battery backup with surge protection provides approximately four hours of power to keep systems on.

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Pet Dental USA in Peoria exists to make pet dental care affordable, so owners don’t delay it. This is a great example of the power of Cox Business Net Assurance. Co-owner Brian Redmon says his business relies 100% on internet services to interact with customers and to run its cloud-based software and point-of-service payment stations. “In the event of a power cut, we would be at a standstill. It would shut us down, ”says Redmon, adding,“ Cox Business Net Assurance makes me feel safe and secure. I know that if we have a power outage, Net Assurance is there to support us. It is a must have for anyone running a business.

“A loss of power shouldn’t lead to a loss of productivity, either. Businesses today need reliable connectivity to keep their operations running smoothly, ”said Ed Aaronson, vice president of Cox Business Arizona. “Net Assurance will reduce downtime for our clients and give them the protection they need to keep their teams online.

Cox Business Net Assurance is always working in the background to provide a reliable backup solution. The service automatically chooses from multiple wireless service providers, automatically selects the best connection for customers, so no customer intervention is required.

Customers can also sign up to receive proactive notifications about changes in their network status, as well as receive 24-hour customer service and access MyAccount online tools, all for one low monthly subscription.

Find out more about Cox Business Net Assurance and its advantages for businesses in the Valley here.

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