FSSAI seeks public comment on GM food regulation

Food safety regulator FSSAI has requested public comments on the draft regulation on the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of any food or food ingredient derived from genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), in its draft notification, also proposed that all food products containing 1% or more genetically modified ingredients be labeled as “Contains GMOs / ingredients derived from GMOs. “. regulations apply to GMOs or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) or living modified organisms (LMOs) intended for direct use as food or for processing. It also applies to processed foods containing genetically modified ingredients produced from but not containing LMOs or GMOs or GMOs.

According to the draft notification, the prior approval of the FSSAI is required for the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale and import of any food or food ingredient derived from GMOs.

FSSAI approval is mandatory even after obtaining prior approval from the Genetic Engineering Assessment Committee (GEAC) of the biotechnology regulator under the Ministry of the Environment.

FSSAI can either grant approval or reject the application based on the safety assessment of the food item and the processing aid’s food ingredient.

After receiving FSSAI approval, food business operators are required to apply for a license in accordance with the procedure specified in the Food Safety and Standards (Food Business License and Registration) Regulation, 2011.

After the approval, the FSSAI said that if a food business operator has reason to believe that the GMOs or GMOs pose a risk to health, they should immediately “suspend” the manufacture, import, sale or distributing these food items and taking action to recalls the same.

Once a GMO, GMO or LMO with a “unique identification code” (provided by the Biosafety Clearing-House, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, etc.) is approved by FSSAI, FSSAI approval will not be required for any other food business operator, the draft notification says.

Approval will also not be required if it is used as an ingredient in a product, he added.

Additionally, the FSSAI said any food lab with a designated GM food testing area can be designated for GM food testing.

The FSSAI has given 60 days from the date of issuance of the draft notification dated November 15 for any objection or suggestion from the public.

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