Genting Dream officers and crew complete COVID-19 vaccination in Hong Kong – Cruise Industry News

Dream Cruises has announced that it has completed the vaccination of the officers and crew of the Genting Dream with their two doses of the Fosun Pharma / BioNTech Comirnaty COVID-19 mRNA vaccine (BioNTech).

As part of the comprehensive guidelines set out by the Hong Kong government, all crew members aboard the Genting Dream will be fully vaccinated in order to provide the safest environment on board the ship for guests and crew when it will resume navigation on July 30. Crew members received their first dose of the BioNTech vaccine on June 23.

The cruise line said it was “an important step in the planned resumption of cruise operations in Hong Kong.”

“We are extremely happy to be the first cruise ship to return to Hong Kong, a historically important home port for Dream Cruises and one of the most breathtaking skylines in the world. After being away for almost a year and a half, we truly miss Hong Kong and look forward to welcoming our guests on board again, ”said Captain Jukka Silvennoinen of Genting Dream.

“Genting Dream arrived in Hong Kong on June 9, and in full compliance with the Hong Kong government’s quarantine regulations, the ship anchored off Lamma Island. Since that time, the crew has been preparing the Genting Dream for its relaunch on July 30 with increased cleaning and disinfection of the entire vessel, and Dream Cruises has been providing crew members with ongoing training on improved health and safety protocols. company security, ”he added. .

Dream Cruises said checking and replacing all air filters to provide the highest levels of air quality to customers is “of great importance.”

“The design of Genting Dream allows 100% external fresh air to be filtered and supplied to cabins and public areas on board, ensuring a constant and healthy flow of fresh air throughout the vessel without recirculation of air between cabins. The 100% fresh air system on board the Genting Dream allows 25 cubic meters of fresh air per person per hour, as well as 6 to 15 air changes per hour, ”the cruise line wrote in the statement. Press.

Dream Cruises has also updated Genting Dream’s onboard hardware. A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) machine will provide medical laboratory level testing for COVID-19 on board the ship, while available negative pressure isolation rooms located inside the medical center and cabins Extendable quarantine can be activated instantly in an emergency. Innovative touchless hand washing stations at all-inclusive restaurants will automatically dispense water, soap and paper towels to promote good hygiene and temperature monitors throughout the ship will help detect fever cases among the guests.

The Genting Dream is scheduled to start sailing at the end of July and will offer two and three night “Super Summer Seacations” on the high seas. The “Super Summer Seacations” will include a two night “Super Weekend Seacation”, departing on Friday, a ” Two night Super Weekday Seacation “departing on Wednesday and a three night” Super Summer Seacation “departing Sunday to provide a real vacation opportunity for Hong Kong residents during school holidays.

According to the press release, Vitamin Sea and Dream – Dream Cruises’ wellness concept – will debut in Hong Kong on the Genting Dream with the Yoga Cruise hosted by Coffee Lam, Hong Kong fitness influencer and certified yoga instructor. . Lam will headline the program with two special yoga classes at sea from August 1-4.

With international travel still tight, Dream Cruises brings the world aboard Genting Dream with Around the World at Sea, a series of themed cruises featuring different popular travel destinations around the world. Throughout September, guests of the Genting Dream will be treated to an experience that encompasses the best of Japanese festivities, including the good fortune of Daruma dolls from Dream Cruises and a Wish Sanctuary at Sea to make every dream come true. guest.

A myriad of free and paid activities will also be available during the Japanese Festival at Sea. Guests can learn to create their own iconic souvenirs from traditional festivals, such as the Japanese amulets that can be found at shrines, Sunny Dolls Chimes and Japanese fans. Programs also include workshops on how to wear a Yutaka and parades, geisha makeup demonstrations and hair ornament tutorials, origami classes, manga drawing lessons, Rajio Taiso workouts, Japanese Parasol and Bingata (fabric dyeing) dance workshops.

A variety of dining experiences will also be available – including Japanese festival food stalls featuring specialties such as Okinawa Long Pork Sausage, Okinawa One Snap Pork Chop, Japanese Okonomiyaki, and Takoyaki. Osaka, Red Bean Dorayaki and Hanami Dango. There will also be free tastings of non-exported Okinawa Wagyu beef for guests.

Later in the year, Europe will be featured on the Genting Dream with the traditional German celebration of Oktoberfest and a festive winter wonderland with a Nordic Christmas.

“Genting Cruise Lines has worked hard to ensure that the Genting Dream will be ready for her restart on July 30 by utilizing our resources, experience and expertise from across our fleet and the region,” said Kent Zhu , president of Genting Cruise. Lines. “As a local cruise line, we have been fortunate to be able to mobilize manpower and resolve logistics on short notice to deliver a memorable cruise experience for our customers this summer and beyond. “

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