Ghana: Launch of the union of medical laboratory professionals in Bolgatanga

Bolgatanga – Labor consultant Mr. Austin Gamey called on workers’ union leaders to study labor law to enable them to engage effectively with employers to meet the needs of employees.

The labor consultant who is the general manager of Gamey and Gamey Consult, made the appeal at the official launch of the Union of Medical Laboratory Professionals (MELPWU) in Bolgatanga, the regional capital of the Haut-Est region, on Saturday.

The occasion under the theme “Building a strong union: mobilizing for a real business”, attracted members from the 16 regions of the country.

Mr Gamey said that just like the Bible which was a powerful tool for Christians, the labor law was such a powerful tool which could be used by workers’ union leaders to involve employers amicably in order to address the concerns of workers.

He said the majority of workers’ union leaders, including employers, do not even understand the labor law which was crafted as a weapon to deal with the differences between employees and employers.

The labor consultant therefore stressed the need for unions and employers to study labor law in depth, stressing that in this 21st century era there is no need for strikes and demonstrations, but to negotiate and dialogue to reach a consensus.

He said that if union leaders and employers had agreed to implement the provisions of the labor law, the majority of workplace strikes would have been reduced.

He further urged union leaders to improve their leadership skills to encourage them to fight for workers’ rights and other conditions of service.

Mr Gamey suggested that under the labor law, employers were supposed to disclose the money generated by production and expenses to workers, but the majority of employers did not.

“Law 97 of the Labor Code requires employers to reveal details of what they generate to their employees, but most employers do not. Lack of communication leads to lack of coordination, frustration and trust.” , he stressed.

MELPWU General Secretary Cephas Kofi Akortor said for many years his company had suffered injustices and discrimination in the workplace without a voice to speak up, making them prone to economic hardship. .

“Despite MELPWU’s contributions to the health sector and to the country’s economic growth, the lack of terms of service has stifled our ability to achieve fair treatment in the workplace, prospects for professional and personal development,” he stressed.

He said the group would provide the leadership that would give a strong negotiating voice to the MELPWU workforce in Ghana, to bring economic justice to members, to provide members with relevant social protection schemes, among others.

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