High gasoline prices impact local transportation service

Green Country business owners are concerned about high gas prices, especially as we head into the busy summer months. Tyson Lindsey owns URIDE, a luxury transportation service he launched just before the pandemic. He said gasoline prices were hitting local businesses hard.

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“Well, that certainly caused our prices to go up a little bit. We probably jumped up to 50 cents to a dollar a mile with transportation,” Lindsey said.

He said surviving during COVID-19 was a battle, and now this.

“With the increase in fuel for our drivers, it definitely took a hit to be able to pay them based on the influx of fuel to be able to make up for what they lose in fuel. A lot of it comes from the business and sort of goes down,” Lindsey said.

Gasoline prices have doubled since he started the business, which means he now spends up to $800 a week on gas and that affects all transportation businesses. “He sees an increase in fuel, you know, between 80 some dollars a day and up to a 105 or $108 increase a day,” Lindsey said.

The good news is that business is also increasing. On some days, he makes four times as many trips to the airport as he did just six months ago. “I think now people want to get out and travel more,” Lindsey said.

For more information on URIDE, CLICK HERE.

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