Mobile phlebotomy company VeniExpress expands further in Arizona for service

We have worked diligently to connect with physicians, home health agencies, hospice companies, and laboratories in Arizona to form mutually beneficial partnerships. We are a valuable resource for these organizations and their patients by providing a vital service for so many people.

VeniExpress, a southern California-based mobile phlebotomy company, recently announced that its business will expand further in Arizona to provide blood draws and other services to patients statewide. The company has been operating in the Phoenix and Tucson areas for over a year, but will now expand its territory to more of Arizona.

Over the past decade, VeniEpress has built long-term relationships with physician offices, home health agencies, hospice companies, and laboratories across Southern California, San Diego County to San Diego County. Ventura, and is now doing the same in Arizona. They are looking to partner with organizations that want to offer their patients a mobile option for their blood work and sample collection. VeniExpress offers special rates to companies that contract with them exclusively for mobile phlebotomy services.

VeniExpress offers a range of services including mobile blood sampling, kit sampling, DNA sampling, research laboratory sampling and medical messaging services. Their phlebotomists come to their patients’ homes and offices to collect blood and collect samples, which they then deliver to local laboratories for processing. Their service offers an alternative for patients who cannot come to patient service centers or laboratories for blood work, or for those who value the convenience of home care.

VeniExpress Owner and CEO Myrna Steinbaum said this about her continued business expansion in Arizona: Partnerships that Work. We believe that we can be a valuable resource for these organizations and their patients by providing a vital service to so many people, especially their most vulnerable patients.

Steinbaum continued, “Our goal is to be the premier service provider in Arizona for mobile phlebotomy and mobile specimen collection, and we believe we will get there because we provide competent and compassionate care to every patient we do. we serve. We also have a highly developed system in place to ensure the integrity of every sample we deliver to laboratories. The physicians and companies we partner with quickly see the benefits that VeniExpress brings to their patients and are often eager to work more closely with us and strengthen the partnership.

For many patients, mobile bleeding is a necessary option for their health and safety. They are still able to perform the blood tests they need without having to go to patient service centers, laboratories or hospitals and sit in crowded waiting rooms. With contagious coronavirus still prevalent in Arizona, vulnerable patients can have blood drawn in the comfort and safety of their own homes. VeniExpress phlebotomists take patient safety very seriously, use personal protective equipment and regularly disinfect their equipment.

VeniExpress currently accepts several types of insurance for its mobile phlebotomy services, including Medicare, Cigna, United Healthcare, and Blue Cross Blue Shield of Arizona. Patients without one of these types of insurance are still able to work with VeniExpress for mobile phlebotomy, but there are costs incurred.

About VeniExpress

Founded in 2010, VeniExpress is a mobile phlebotomy company based in San Diego, California. The company offers mobile blood sampling, as well as sample collection, on-site drug testing, and DNA collection services in Southern California and Arizona. You can find out more about VeniExpress or contact them to learn more about the partnership with the company for mobile phlebotomy services by visiting their website:

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