New ‘victim services’ business seeks to help and educate residents

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A new disaster recovery assistance company in Sun City is helping residents before disaster strikes.

1-800 Board Up helps those who have been victims of a disaster, whether it’s a fire, a flood or an accident. When contacted, their ‘casualty response’ units help from the immediate aftermath of the disaster.

In addition to physical assistance, Board Up informs residents of some very important details before the storm or fire.

Unbeknownst to local residents, they have 24 hours to board their homes. Rick Flores, director of emergency services says this step is necessary because of the risk of injury.

“And the reason is to protect yourself and the people in the community if you have a fire and the house is exposed, chances are the kids will see that they’re going to step in and want to go play and if they get hurt, the owner is always responsible.”

Similar to other victim services like the Red Cross, a major difference is what Board Up can do for the home as well as the homeowners themselves.

“What we can do that they can’t is come in to secure the house, we have a 24/7 manned truck with wooden equipment, our guys are ready to leaving 24/7 and were there to help pretty quickly.”

Additionally, Board-Up has introduced a new feature for owners and their pets. This is a sticker that will show how many pets are in the house in the event of a disaster. Flores says this is beneficial because first responders are already trained to look for similar decals.

“For special stuff like when they use the one for oxygen, the oxygen being used is the same thing, so the firefighters are already trained to look for that, so when we have something like that there, it is easy for them to understand what it is for.

Beyond security and stickers, crew members simply want the community to know that they are a 24/7 resource that can be used when needed.

For more information, visit the Board-up Facebook page

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