Opus IVS announces new DrivePro remote control at AAPEX-SEMA

Opus IVS announced two new products for the mechanical repair market: DrivePro Remote and DrivePro Remote Unlimited. DrivePro Remote offers IVS 360 live technical assistance in use and IVSRAP remote assistance programming alongside IVSRepair, a comprehensive aftermarket multi-brand diagnostic suite. The DrivePro Remote Unlimited version includes all DrivePro Remote functionality as well as unlimited access to IVS 360 support, the full European Autologic Legacy software (Blue Box) and a docking station.

DrivePro Remote includes three state-of-the-art features: 1) IVS 360 live expert support for on-demand remote access to over 100 OE brand-specific senior technicians dedicated to helping workshops diagnose complex vehicles; 2) IVSRAP for hassle-free remote assistance programming thanks to Opus IVS expert team that takes the guesswork out of stores doing their own flash programming; and 3) IVSRepair for comprehensive multi-brand diagnostic software including live data, two-way controls, system testing, and ADAS calibration functions – all to help identify root causes of issues for all major US vehicles, Asian and European.

“We believe repair shops should increase capacity instead of sending work to the dealership,” said Brian Herron, President of Opus IVS. “With DrivePro Remote, powered by Drew Technologies, they’ll have OE-trained technicians from our IVS 360 team ready to guide them through the toughest jobs to keep the job in-house. IVSRepair software supports over 30 brands to help stores self-diagnose vehicles and includes remote programming. Additionally, RAP remote assistance programming allows shops to flash ECUs and install programmed parts. DrivePro Remote offers service and quality at an incredible price with software updates and warranty included with the subscription.

“Since 1996, our team has provided OEM approved diagnostics and programming to auto repair shops and independent dealers, backed by live expert support to perform a quality repair. We’re excited to introduce DrivePro Remote and DrivePro Remote Unlimited with industry-leading scan tool features and IVS 360 live repair guidance to support the future of advanced vehicle diagnostics and programming in a productive and safe manner. .

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