Product control before Easter: here are the results of this year’s ham and chocolate test

In the spring of every yearthe Agrifood and Chemical Laboratory of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (ITM) has been testing typical products for the Easter period: bunnies, chicks and chocolate eggs have been in their usual form for several years, all having passed laboratory tests, similar to the Hungarian pálinka. Of the sixty or so products tested this year, only five hams had salt problems, just like last year.

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As for Easter chocolate figurines, the 20 products tested meet the requirements of the Hungarian Food Codex for the designation of chocolate. The composition of the products has been checked on the basis of legal requirements and information on the label. Four items contained vegetable fats other than cocoa butter in a proportion not exceeding 5%, which was clearly indicated on the packaging. The actual fat content of the products corresponded without exception to the nutritional information on the label.

The Consumer Protection Authority examined twenty spirits (pálinka), none of which had its laboratory-measured alcohol content above the level specified in the Spirits Labeling Ordinance of 0, 3%, and none of them deviated from the information specified in the information.

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Four of the twenty hams tested, one raw and one cooked, had a salt content above the legal limit. The affected products can only be sold as “other meat products” if the name ham is deleted.

According to the food code, raw ham can contain 5% salt, cooked ham 3.5% and mechanically cooked ham 2.7% salt, based on a humidity level of 58%.

“To ensure a smooth preparation for the holidays, consumer protection checked 400 stores nationwide with test purchases. Our colleagues imposed fines amounting to more than 2 million forints (EUR) for the breaches”, revealed Nikoletta Keszthelyi, Assistant Secretary of State for Consumer Protection.

Detailed Easter Lab test results are available here.

Photo illustrated by Zsolt Czeglédi/MTI

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