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By Ripu Bajwa

As the world faced the onset of the pandemic, businesses had to find new ways to modernize their operations and drive innovation, in a short period of time. Shifting from a physical work culture to a remote work culture brought IT-related hurdles, some of which included data security, rising operational costs, the need for agility in business functions. , among others.

Organizations that were already ahead of their digital transformation journey were able to adapt and react quickly to the changing environment and regain their commercial dynamism. However, those who had not yet started their transformation journey / were slow to embrace digital technologies, faced another challenge. This was mainly due to the large number of new technologies and the variety of operating models available. Evaluating the ability of these models to meet changing demands and prepare for future challenges has therefore become extremely difficult.

As-a-Service, at your service

IT managers at these companies were looking for technology solutions that would make their jobs easier, give them flexibility, and allow them to run their businesses on their terms. This deep new need for agility has forced organizations to adapt quickly and turn to a model as a service to lower their overall cost and stay ahead of the competition. Interesting way, IDC predicts that by 2024, more than half of the data center infrastructure will be consumed and operated through a model as a service.

Therefore, organizations must deploy an operating-as-a-service model, on their own terms, wherever it is needed – in their data center, at the edge, or in a colocation facility. When this is combined with the power and control of cutting-edge technology infrastructure solutions, organizations will achieve better business results.

IT that delivers business results and also solves business challenges, including scaling up changing IT base needs, eliminating assets that are no longer needed, and managing underutilized IT resources, is the need of the moment. With the introduction of an as-a-service model, they will no longer have to worry about managing a particular product line, a version of a technology or a specification.

Minimize risks and maximize resources on your own terms

With the increase in incidents of data breaches and cyber attacks, companies must ensure not only to optimize the use of their IT solutions, but also to ensure that all data transactions are carried out in a secure manner. and secure. Business leaders can no longer compromise between performance, flexibility and security in their operations. They want full control over their operations, from where their data assets are to how they are analyzed and who has access to them. As-a-Service offers businesses the benefit of keeping their data under control, simplifying compliance obligations, delivering faster performance while maximizing resource usage and reducing overall security risk.

From infrastructure management to running your business

Businesses around the world have realized that opening up and moving forward on their digital transformation journey would not only help them overcome current challenges, but also avoid any future hurdles. Deploying an as-a-service model will help organizations regain business continuity and strengthen their overall IT infrastructure.

The author is Director and General Manager, Data Protection Solutions, Dell Technologies India

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