Results You Can Count On: How LIMS Software Helps Laboratories Meet ISO 17025

Speaking in July 2021 at the online symposium, Advances in Food & Beverage Analysis, Jeff Collins, Senior Field Applications Engineer at Thermo Fisher Scientific, presented his talk on LIMS software for the food analysis laboratory.

Abstract: The importance for manufacturers to monitor food safety in all processes has increased as global supply chains become more complex and laboratory standards advance. Food safety requires thorough scheduled testing of facilities to monitor for the presence of potential contamination, identification of critical control points for the testing process, and compliance with changes
regulations. As laboratories ensure that their workflows and processes meet a certain quality standard, they need to ensure that their testing processes are reliable and reproducible and that their instruments and equipment are calibrated and in good condition. Leveraging the latest technological advancements and access to
high quality data will increase the productivity and compliance of food safety laboratories. Please join Thermo Fisher Scientific as our industry expert, Jeff Collins, discusses the latest FDA mandates and ISO 17025 guidelines, what these standards mean for your food lab, and their innovation.
software solutions can facilitate compliance.

This presentation will cover:

  • The latest FDA and ISO 22000 and ISO 17025 guidelines for food and beverage industry regulations
  • How a LIMS can address industry trends and challenges and help labs achieve ISO 17025 compliance
  • Use a LIMS to manage your environmental monitoring program
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