Save dogs from becoming lab rats

Cosmetics, cleaning products, baby products, mouthwashes, deodorants, shampoos, medical devices and drugs …

In fact, 115 million animals suffer each year at the hands of researchers and laboratories around the world; and it’s not just mice and monkeys that are pushed and pushed … A woman dedicates her life to saving thousands of neglected and abused beagles in the name of research.

These crates are full of beagles rescued from a laboratory in Spain. More than 40 others taste the freedom in California. Like most of them, echo was born for one reason. Animal experimentation. Testing for products in her eyes made her blind. Ellie was rescued by the Beagle Freedom Project when she was just a puppy.

“She had to be euthanized because they were done with her.” Sasha Itzikman explains her rescue, Ellie.

All these dogs were saved by Shannon Keith: “I once asked a lab worker why beagles? And she said, well, it’s because they’re so confident and forgiving.

Keith now dedicates his life saving beagles saying that “at any given time or at least 70,000 dogs in labs across the United States are being used for testing.”

Keith says the dogs are not only born inside the lab, but some shelters sell their dogs to them as well. And while the list of products tested on animals is long and diverse, and the companies are well known, the labs are often hidden away.

“That’s what I call the industry’s dirty little secret…” says Keith.

Whistleblowers are essential to know what is going on inside.

“Just before I started during this interview, I received a letter of denunciation.” Keith goes on to read the letter stating: “I am writing about several puppies who almost all died from the conditions they were in.” She further explains that “most of these puppies died and they died a horrible death.”

Keith will investigate and file an animal cruelty complaint, but she says the best thing to do is raise awareness. That’s why she developed the cruelty cut free app. A barcode scan reveals if the product is tested on animals.

“They say everyone has a little activist in them, don’t they?” Keith said.

Many national chains offer cruelty-free products. These products can also be ordered online.

“I’m more connected than ever to, and more committed than ever to living a cruelty-free life to make sure our home doesn’t have animal tested products. Itzikman shares his decision to use the app.

Keith will continue to fight for the Beagles and Echo will continue to sing his praises and the Beagle Freedom Project.

Most laboratories are not supervised by veterinarians. There are veterinary technicians who work on these animals, and they don’t need to be experienced. Additionally, most state anti-cruelty laws contain explicit exemptions for animals used in experiments.

The FDA has said 92% of drugs found to be safe and effective in animals don’t even come out of clinical trials because they are either ineffective or too harmful to humans.

You can learn more about the Beagle Freedom Project, donate, and find out how to become a foster parent for a rescue at

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