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The pandemic has opened the way for new industries and business opportunities. In response to these trends, Taiwan is accelerating its industrial development in six key areas: information security, biomedicine, digital transformation, semiconductors, space, and B5G and 6G networks.

Taiwan wishes to present 100 Taiwanese start-ups with high potential on the world stage, including seven award-winning start-ups at the Taiwan pavilion at CES supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) and in collaboration with the Department of industrial technology (DoIT) and the National Development Council (NDC). The TTA Pavilion will show the incredible innovative energy of Taiwan and show the power of innovation to the world. The 100 startups presented represent Taiwan’s innovation prowess in these sectors, as well as the ability to develop high potential companies with international development possibilities in the future.

The country’s top entrepreneurs, academics and researchers come together in a shared space for business development and collaboration. We are delighted to introduce 100 of Taiwan’s most exciting start-ups to the world stage and connect them with global investors, to create more opportunities for the development of the economy and industry of Taiwan.

– Andrea TJ Hsu, CEO of Taiwan Tech Arena

With COVID-19 and sustainability at the forefront of global agendas in 2022, two Taiwanese start-ups are making incredible strides in health and hygiene. By harnessing the materials from the filtration membranes, a manufacturing company seeks to provide safe drinking water to more people around the world.

Another one to watch is the Taiwanese start-up which has been recognized by the World Health Organization for its high-tech devices with natural cleaning properties. Thanks to its advanced “electro-oxidation” technology, the products transform water into a disinfectant which effectively destroys the activity of viruses and bacteria.

As business increasingly globalizes, tech company leverages smart 5G and blazingly fast AI voice translation to enable simultaneous renditions to be delivered to audience mobiles in one location and online . On the automotive front, another tech company enables OEMs and vendors to rapidly prototype and scale economically with an AI self-learning framework and scalable SDK.

AI company gives new parents more peace of mind with its Baby Dream Pad and Smart Baby Monitor. The first device to combine AI computer vision with respiratory motion technology, the device intelligently detects a baby’s breathing rate during sleep and sends notifications if breathing is irregular.

Another tech company has developed cutting-edge Mobile Emergency Response Systems (MERS) that integrate video, audio, data and intelligent wireless connection applications to support emergency response teams, such as army, police, fire department, security teams etc.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese start-up Technology is ensuring data security and business continuity in the age of data privacy with its next-generation enterprise data protection solution. The technology provides the world’s fastest RAID card to protect SSDs from failure.

As reported by OpenGov Asia, MOST announced that 20 tech startups will showcase Taiwan’s biotech capabilities to the world, connected to the global ecosystem, resources and industries at the forum hosted by Taiwan Tech Arena (TTA). There are 20 TTA startup teams which are selected by industry experts and focus on potential startups in the global bio-industrial market.

Taiwan has demonstrated how to democratically fight the threat of COVID-19 and how to be a true global partner using technology. Taiwan’s efforts and commitments have attracted international attention, and the relationship between Taiwan and the United States has become stronger than ever over the past year.

By working together, Taiwan can accelerate the transition from scientific discoveries to practical technological applications and create a win-win situation and realize possible future collaborations in the United States. The companies showcased disruptive biotechnology innovations such as voice implant systems, video AI-based telemedicine solutions, and detection of respiratory function with ultrasound technology.

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