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Copenhagen, Denmark, June 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — IFF is pleased to introduce its new GUARDIAN® family of products, an innovative range of formulations based on plant extracts and synergistic oxidation control solutions. In food and beverage product design, controlling oxidation can help protect a product’s quality, freshness, and stability.


The Global Food Antioxidants Market is Expected to Reach $1.8 billion by 2025[1]in part due to the growing demand for packaged foods[2] as lifestyle and consumer preferences continue to evolve. Nearly 64% of consumers in the United States say they choose foods prepared with ingredients and 42% agree that adding preservatives is a way to reduce food waste.[3]And at a time when supply chain complexities exacerbated by the pandemic have reduced the global availability of tocopherol, many food producers have been forced to seek an alternative to naturally occurring antioxidants to meet high consumer demand. .

Designed to support the stability and quality of frying oils, GUARDIAN® SYNEROX HT can reduce frying oil waste by at least 30%.[4] It provides the protection demanded by sunflower oil alternatives such as rapeseed, palm and soybean, and provides greater supply stability for food producers affected by the global sunflower oil shortage.

Another solution, GUARDIAN® VITAGREEN LOD, uses a proprietary technology with no chemical synthesis step, allowing the incorporation of water-soluble green tea extract into applications containing oil and fat. Backed by rigorous testing in a wide range of applications, VITAGREEN LOD has proven to outperform standard market solutions.

“We have a wealth of technical data from laboratory tests and industrial trials that demonstrates the effectiveness of our offerings, which we customize to meet customer needs, applications and country-specific requirements,” said Apostolos PapageorgiouFood Protection product manager, IFF.

IFF’s differentiated oxidation control solutions support more than product quality and nutritional value for the customer. They can also help producers expand their use of raw materials during production, which can result in improved operational efficiency and increased sustainability.

Papageorgiou added, “Backed by science, our innovative solutions help food producers manage oxidation and food spoilage issues. By supporting the quality, safety and flavor of food products throughout their shelf life, our food protection solutions can help reduce food waste in the supply chain. And for consumers, our solutions can help deliver fresher, more nutritious food.”

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[4] Based on the results of Stress Test analyzes and industrial trials in collaboration with fried food producers

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