UC San Diego and Thermo Fisher Scientific Enter Innovative Strategic Partnership

Inside the new Technology Sandbox at UC San Diego: (left to right) Peter Silvester (retired senior vice president and president, Life Sciences and Laboratory Products Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific); Kit Pogliano (Dean, UC San Diego School of Biological Sciences); John Sos (Senior Vice President and President, Specialty Diagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific); Corinne Peek-Asa (UC San Diego Vice Chancellor for Research); Pradeep K. Khosla (Chancellor of UC San Diego). Photo by Erik Jepsen/University Communications.

Groundbreaking 10-year agreement to accelerate research and technology innovation, develop diverse talent, and achieve ambitious sustainability goals

Two world leaders are joining forces in a major new effort to advance the discovery and innovation needed to meet complex scientific challenges. The University of California, San Diego and Thermo Fisher Scientific have agreed to form a transformational 10-year strategic partnership that leverages each organization’s industry-leading expertise.

This unprecedented public partnership will focus on achieving four key objectives, including the launch of a “technology sandbox”, the establishment of a collaborative research framework, the creation of a talent pool under represented by the next generation. who will become tomorrow’s leaders in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and the development of a sustainable supply chain.

The Technology Sandbox will improve access to cutting-edge technologies and expertise to accelerate collaboration, discovery, technology transfer, workforce development and data analytics. It will serve students and alumni in tandem with a newly established collaborative research framework designed to drive innovation in emerging scientific areas including CRISPR, next-generation sequencing, mass spectrometry, cryo-electron microscopy (cryo-EM) and data science.

With the goal of building a pipeline of next-generation talent focused on equity, diversity and inclusion, the partnership will focus on training diverse students in advanced research methods and applied skills through educational programs and job opportunities. In line with UC San Diego’s goal of achieving zero waste and Thermo Fisher’s ongoing commitment to sustainability, the partnership will also include the development of a sustainable supply chain for research supplies and the increased use of environmentally friendly alternatives to commonly used materials.

“As a global leader in higher education, collaborative research, and pioneering innovation, UC San Diego advances scientific discovery to improve the human condition and the planet,” said the Chancellor of UC San Diego. UC San Diego, Pradeep K. Khosla. “Our partnership with Thermo Fisher Scientific will enhance existing pathways to develop new technologies, reduce our carbon footprint, and train a more diverse and equitable workforce.

“Partnering with academic institutions of the caliber of UC San Diego is critical to advancing scientific knowledge and developing tomorrow’s innovative technologies that drive discovery,” said Peter Silvester, retired senior vice president. and President, Life Sciences and Laboratory Products Group, Thermo Fisher Scientific. “We are thrilled to partner with UC San Diego to support our shared goals, which not only demonstrate our commitment to diversity and inclusion, but also aim to attract, inspire and nurture an inclusive talent pool. of the whole world.”

Under the agreement, Thermo Fisher will support various research initiatives, fellowships and fellowships. The company will also collaborate with UC San Diego on community outreach programs, curriculum development and career mentorship. The ambitious breadth and scale of the 10-year agreement marks a significant shift from a traditional products and services agreement to a collaborative and comprehensive partnership across the business, research and innovation lifecycle .

“The new UC San Diego-Thermo Fisher Scientific partnership capitalizes on the complementary strengths of each organization, combining the best biological, environmental and engineering programs of UC San Diego with Thermo Fisher Scientific’s position as a world leader in science department,” said UC San Diego Division of Biological Sciences Dean Kit Pogliano. “The partnership will accelerate discovery, democratize technology, enhance workforce development, and strengthen UC San Diego’s position as the destination of choice for top talent worldwide.”

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