woman forced to pay 4.5 l for ‘loan’ | Bombay News

MUMBAI: A 24-year-old woman was terrorized by scammers into paying Rs 4.5 lakh on the pretext that her online loan payment was due, when she never availed it. The defendant threatened to broadcast obscene images of her if she did not comply with their demands.
They also went so far as to threaten and verbally abuse his friends and family over the phone.
Charkop’s wife works in a suburban business. On March 30, she received a message on WhatsApp with a message that the loan she had used through a digital platform was due for payment. The woman replied that she had not taken out any loans. Shortly after, she received messages from nine other digital platforms, informing her that her loan payment deadline had passed. When the woman did not answer, she began to receive phone calls from unknown numbers, threatening to broadcast obscene images.
An FIR from Charkop Police said the woman received calls from 22 numbers. Frightened, she agreed to pay. On the same day, she received a link and paid 6,500 rupees to a UPI mentioned in the message. She then received further demands for payment. She turned off her phone on April 12, but the scammers turned their attention to her friends and family. tnn
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