Xtalks Announces June 2022 Life Sciences Webinar Schedule

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June 7 – Alzheimer’s Disease Biomarkers: The Path to Clinical Implementation

June 27 – Improving Clinical Oncology Research Using Immune Scoring Biomarkers and a Multi-Omics Approach


June 1 – Revolutions in Retina Research: How to be at the forefront of fundus research

June 2 – Patient Diversity Considerations in Cardiovascular Clinical Trials

June 2 – Data-Driven Insights for Effective Clinical Trial Oversight

June 8 – How to Balance Scientific Complexity with Patient-Centered Clinical Trial Protocol Design

June 9 – What Every Sponsor Needs to Know Before Planning Dialysis Trials: Insights from a PI and Dialysis Organizations

June 9 – Using the Pain Catastrophizing Scale in Clinical Research and Practice

June 14 – Are you ready for the EU CTR? The challenges, lessons learned and innovations surrounding the new regulations

June 15 – Maximizing Patient Recruitment Spend: Lessons in Reducing Site Load and Increasing Diversity with Optimized Screening

Jun 15 – Commonly Overlooked Issues in CRO Screening – and How to Solve Them

Jun 16 – Automating an End-to-End Clinical Data Workflow with a Platform Approach

June 16 – Cultural and Linguistic Considerations for Successful Evaluation of Cognitive Parameters in International CNS Clinical Trials

June 28 – Advancing Rare Disease Research with Decentralized Models

June 30 – Next-Generation Cell Therapies: Listening to and Engaging with Patient Perspectives as Critical Elements of Clinical Trials

June 30 – Considerations for Neuroscience Trials with Direct Administration to the CNS


Jun 20 – How to generate patient journey insights by leveraging real data from electronic health records


June 7 – Facilitating Target Identification Processes with AI: Challenges and Prospects

June 15 – Moving Drug Substance Off the Critical Path – Simplified Strategies to Accelerate First-in-Human and Beyond

Jun 20 – Novel Protein-Like Synthetic Polymers with Superior Properties as Therapeutic, Diagnostic and Targeted Delivery Agents

Jun 22 – A scalable system to engineer 3D human muscle tissue for drug discovery

June 24 – The era of cell and gene therapies is upon us! What does this mean for bioanalysis?


June 21 – From BMI to BCP: Body Composition Profiling with MRI for Metabolic Disease Management, Health Risks and Healthy Lifestyle Choices


June 23 – Leveraging patent intelligence and network analysis to quantify the influence of technology in CRISPR

June 29 – Adopt QMS functionality in less than 30 days


June 14 – Preparing for the IDMP – How Pharmaceutical Companies Navigate Complexities and Realize Value

June 16 – Preparing for the inspection: what it is, why it matters and what you need to know to be ready

June 22 – Coaching and Empowering Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Leaders

June 28 – Review of the use of osmolality in the manufacture of viral vectors


June 22 – Case Study: Maintaining Control and Visibility When Outsourcing Pharmacovigilance


June 13 – Harnessing Artificial Intelligence for Better Data in Preclinical Trials and Translational Research


June 23 – PFAS Treatment, Sources, Testing and Disposal – What F&B Manufacturers Need to Know


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